Early Career Teachers

DSAT use Ambition Institute materials (DfE accredited scheme) to deliver our Early Career Teachers programme. We deliver our own training using the Ambition materials, which enables us to deliver them in our own trust schools. This means that we can show first hand in the classrooms some of the aspects of teaching and learning that we are focusing on with our Early Career Teachers. For example, we teach content related to phonics and then see phonics being taught.

We partner with the South Yorkshire Teaching hub as our statutory body. They support our induction tutors and regularly monitor the quality and impact of our training and support for ECTs (Early Career Teachers), and their feedback has been positive.

Our Early Career Teachers meet for training ‘clinics’ on a half termly basis, led by the DSAT central team and other experts from across the trust. They also meet weekly with their mentors to review the Ambition training materials and set targets for their development as teachers. This is a coaching model of support, and the focus of support is on building confidence and expertise linked to behaviour. Training units include aspects of behaviour training, instruction (including how to adapt teaching), and curriculum related training: learning ‘about’ but also learning ‘how’ to implement the early career framework. 

Further Information
For more information, please contact Alison Adair, aadair@dsat.education