Diversity, Equality, Inclusion


Inclusion in DSAT starts with understanding diversity, the core principle which results in the intentionality of inclusion in all our settings. We believe that difference is to be celebrated and is intrinsic to being human. By being different we are all the same: unique. Each person is unique and of inherent worth, and so we educate in DSAT for dignity and respect.

Because we understand that diversity isn’t always celebrated and because inclusion isn’t always enabled, we constantly strive for equality for all. Striving for equality needs to be the perpetual body language of our organisation and equality therefore needs to underpin every decision we make.

​Because we celebrate uniqueness, we seek to include everyone and make sure no one is left behind or excluded. We believe that we must make inclusive choices in all aspects of our provision so that no child is lost in the averages: we intentionally choose to be inclusive. Inclusion involves us all creating space across our schools where diverse communities and our diverse uniqueness as individuals all have something to offer and are valued. In DSAT, we strive to remove barriers to inclusion by coaching, teaching and building communities which learn to make proactive decisions and inclusive choices, making sure we always try to do the right thing.