School improvement is internally driven.  This is a relentless focus, and DSAT’s Head of Teaching and Learning (who is also the Deputy CEO and a National Leader of Education) champions this in a full-time capacity.  Whilst internally driven, our school improvement activity in DSAT is influenced by external benchmarking and networking with like-minded trusts.


School improvement takes various forms in DSAT:


DSAT is committed to investing in its workforce and developing the skills, subject knowledge and leadership potential of all staff. Early Career teachers are well supported in their development through access to DSAT CPD and a core induction programme, which is being implemented from September 2021. This programme draws on the content of published high-quality early career framework induction materials to support the delivery of early career training and induction. ECF delivery is coordinated by our Head of Teaching and Learning, who draws on the specialisms of our system leaders across DSAT, headteachers and practitioners. The offer ensures we have a ‘DSAT’ early career path for our workforce. 


Executive Headteachers across our trust create our capacity to grow.  We are seeing educational impact improve whereby Heads of School reporting to Executive Heads can have a pure focus on day- to - day management of the school, with Executive Heads leading strategy and school improvement, with teaching and learning a focus for both roles. Executive Heads are then free of wider distraction.


There is a clear path and trajectory for all careers in DSAT and room to grow and develop as teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders.